Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Something a little different....

Now I knows what a news person feels like when there really isn't much to report.  Conditions are the best they have been in years and forecast is full of cold temps and snow.  So what more can you ask for, besides it to continue all the way till the end of the season.  There has been some light snow in the air this morning and if it snows like this all day we'll see 2 to 4 inches by the end of the day.  Today's video is something a little different.  Hope you enjoy it.

Today's Video.............


  1. Steve says it's gonna be a bit "chilly" this up coming weekend...Dear God man !!! LOL...No chance..gonna wait another week..take care and thanks !!!

  2. Steve,
    Like the time laps Thought I saw team DD in there, oh but wait that was my imagination!!!! but on a colder note Moose river is just about froze over haven't seen that in years. this week it's going to a ghost town , should be great, Cold is Fast , Fast is Fun !
    Be Safe Keep Right!!!

  3. Steve,
    What gives No Big Moose Shootout this year , Any Info

  4. Anyone know how the tracks to Beaver River are? Also has anyone gone south on trail 6? Thanks

    1. Went south on trail 6 on Friday the 29th, got on the tracks a little before mckeever bridge and they had not been groomed, bumpy and some rails showing. Once we got to Otter Lake the tracks were groomed with some rails showing here and there. We hopped on the trail shortly after otter lake.

  5. Tracks were great up to beaver river

  6. Tracks were great goingvup to beaver river

  7. Trump said he was going to fix glow me warming.

  8. Riding is fine, per Puzzos #99!