Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who would of know.........

A couple of rooms just returned from riding and I was a little nervous about asking them how their day went.  Well they went to Trailside in Brantingham and had no problems in getting there.  They said some of the trails have ice hard pack here and there, but over all they had a great day of riding and have seen it worse.  The end of ten mile crossing wasn't the best.  So on the return they went out the back of Trailside and came back that way.  They said traffic was light and everyone was taking it easy, I'm guessing because of the ice. So it sounds like the few that took the chance, are getting in a fun weekend of riding.  Hard to say if the conditions would of held up under a full weekend of traffic, but with the amount of people that are in town they won't have to worry about it.

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  1. Found Indian Jim out on 4th lake this afternoon ice fishing. Had 2 lake trout both around 25" in his bag. Says the ice is about 12" thick and not to worry. Said he his picking up a new '17 Ski Doo 600 Etec next week from Smith Marine as his old Moto Ski is toast! He says we need a LE storm soon or else.

    1. Shuuuuuut uuuuuup !!!!

  2. Steve
    It breaks my heart that we can not make it up this year and to look at cam and you front yard has no sleds there hope the weather makes a big turn around

  3. Snow drought watch in effect for all areas south of the thruway. Albany has declared the watch as a result of a significant decrease in winter sports activity.

  4. This happens every year!! I've been riding in old forge for 10 years now. One weekend we would be riding in dirt and then two weekends from them I kicked the top of a stop sign in the middle of a trail!! You guys just need to relax and be patient.

  5. Those sure are some diehards out thanks. Hopefully February into March will be epic. I'm counting on it and expect that to be the case. Funny to think how amazing the trails were just last week at this time. We did an awesome little spin around the loops and such on Sunday morning last week.

  6. Thank you, it will turn around. Listen to Darin from ilsnow he is probably
    the most accurate when it comes to the weather and long term forecasts.
    These weather men can't predict tomorrow's forecast let alone two weeks out. If you recall how many 8"-12" was forecasted for last week. Positive thinking we will be riding again soon.

  7. Well hope it gets better was hoping to ride this week not looking good at all.