Monday, December 28, 2015

It's on our doorstep...........

At 8:40pm the snow line is just to our south and it looks like snow all night.  You'll see in the video that we had a dusting of snow over night and our temps have been below freezing all day.  So things have started to  freeze down some today.  The big question is, what will we see when it's all said and done.  I'm hoping we see the snow and ice pellets.  That would be a better base starter than just plain snow.  But we don't need to see any freezing R.  That's not good for anything, beside OT for the line and tree crews.

Today's Video..............


  1. Does not seem like you got much snow BUT there is more on the way and colder temps...I don't see any big warm ups in sight and that is good news...maybe ride in 2 weeks ???

  2. Getting the jet skis ready to take out on the lake, anyone care to join me? Be out there at 12:00