Friday, March 20, 2015

Only a dusting...............

We had light snow in the air today and we've seen a dusting from it.  The snowmobile races in Inlet last weekend had  to be rescheduled and they will be this weekend.  If you have any thoughts of getting in some more riding, you better do it real soon.  Because by what I'm seeing, by mid week things are really going to be going down hill.

Today's Video...............


  1. Steve Thanks for videos and webcams I look at them all the time! Rode today 110 miles was not to bad. Inner trails were excellent. lakes were good but inlet was beyond ugly. Had great ride today. I finally found where Trail Cam is and i stopped gave thumbs up at it tonight ha.

  2. Yesterday my husband and I decided to "risk" one last journey to OF to ride for the season. All week we had checked your posts and videos, ultimately making the decision to ride. We were happy that we did! The snow Friday night and then during the day yesterday did the trick. We put on 110 miles (like the poster above) and made it to where we wanted to go without a problem. We started out in Thendara went to the Big Moose Inn, Braningham to the Pine Tree (via the new trail) and back to Thendara. Many of the trails were surprisingly great. We avoided the trails that we knew were notoriously bad this late in the season. Thank you Steve, for everything you do day in and day out each year to allow riders to make their own decisions about making the journey to partake in the sport they enjoy. My husband and I had a great 2015 and we will "See Ya" in 2016!