Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two report versions........................

Version One.....Half Empty
Went out for four hours, did 80 miles, had dinner at Pine Tree and only 10 to 15 of those miles where on freshly groomed trails, that I was the first one to ride on them. Could only find one inner trail that had fresh untouched powder to play in, groomers had gotten to the rest of them.  Heard some ski chatter on the inside of a few corners.  Trail hadn't frozen down after being groomed and someone must of came around the corner sideways shutting the snow to the outside edge. Hit a pile of snow in the middle of a long straight away, at thruway speed no less and my butt bounced off seat. It looked like someone did a hole shot, never have figure out why people have to do that. Then top it off with only seeing three different groomers in four hours.

Version Two.....Half Full
Went out for four hours, did 80 miles, had dinner at Pine Tree with friends.  Anyone that's not here is surely missing out on some great riding.  Then add in the full moon, with no cloud cover, boy they really are missing out on a night of riding to remember.  Life's Good!

I forgot to include this pic in the video.  When's the last time you saw this many trailers in the lot during the week?  I guess more people got sick than I thought!

Today's Video............... 


  1. Thats when you know its awesome...two reports in one day! See Ya ...Soon!

    1. powder don't stick to frozen dirt !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If you are in old forge rite now and are alive and breathing and actually own a snowmobile and ride it you would know that the conditions are good and like Steve said they did groom trail 6!!!! Negative people stink nobody likes a fun sponge !!!!❄️❄️❄️

  3. This will be my 4th straight weekend out of 8 at OF this year. Getting better and better every time. My glass is full. I am heading up again and FUN is on the menu.

  4. and I am stuck on long island have to dig trailer out of all the snow we had