Thursday, February 6, 2014

Smiles by all................

Even the guy that ran out of gas this afternoon and came back looking for a gas can was smiling.  We dropped down to 7 below over night and we woke up to crunchy snow again.   I was out late last night cleaning up the plowing and I took a ride out North Street to see how it was looking.  The groomers had to be in their glory, with all the new material, they had to work with.  This weekend we have the Pink Ribbon Ride going on in town. Here is a link for more info

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  1. Steve- your motel is honestly the best one up there...from now on I am staying there every time I come up...ur the best Steve! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks for the post and the kind words. Just like the area restaurants, we all have something special that makes us stand out. In the winter, I like keeping visitors to the area informed on what is going in.

  2. http://codes.lp.find...VAT/VII/31/1192 for NY

  3. Nice motel to bad its always booked.