Sunday, February 2, 2014

It was wet.............

Well we lucked out and saw all snow yesterday.  Because those of you that follow the forecast like I do in the winter.  Know not everyone was forecasting the same thing.   I'd say we got about 3 inches of wet snow.  Looks like more to come mid week.   The second video today is from the ice harvest in Raquette Lake on Saturday.

Today's Videos for..................


  1. Hey Steve, What's with all of the sheriff cruisers hauling snowmobile trailers on their way to old forge. I must have seen 5her of them going up 28 on my way home today.

    1. My guess would be training. Almost every winter there is a training course in the area.

  2. Just got back waz up thursday friday saturday had great times trails were better than expected.

  3. If anyone wants to see some more of the sleds racing at the big moose shootout I was able to record most of the open class sleds running.

  4. Please take some of our New Jersey heavy wet, Snow accumulations from today and Weds..
    We'll Send it up the Thruway.. To where it's appreciated.

  5. You got that right snonut. It's the last thing you want to deal with after a weekend of riding up there, the long trip home and the super bowl. Shoveling and plowing the heavy stuff. Pass the advil...