Saturday, February 22, 2014

Could of been worse................

The snow ended yesterday between 5 and 6.  If you measured it, I'd give it an inch.  There would of been allot more if everything wasn't so wet from the R.  We'll be below freezing tonight and just at it tomorrow for a high.  After that it's back into the deep freeze for us for the week.

Today's Video for...............


  1. Hello Steve. We watch your videos each evening, and wanted to let you know we appreciate the effort and the extended time with the camera crew out on the trails!

    Great job sir !

    Looking forward to the daily, TRUTHFUL reporting (O:


  2. Hey Steve,We have never met ,but I check your website daily.I appreciate your spot on reports on snow conditions.I have friends who live in O.F. and stay with them when I come up for the past 28 years...Keep up the good work !!!!!