Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another good day...........

By what I'm hearing, the riding is good, but the trails got a little soft today.  We dropped down to 10 over night and today's high was 33.  They are calling for the temps to drop tonight again and that should firm things back up for tomorrows riding.  Not liking what I'm seeing in the forecast.  But we still have a few days for it to change.  So cross your fingers and get dancing.

Today's Video for..............


  1. Thanks Steve but I'll wait till next week to come up nothing worse then waking up in the morning looking out that window and see pouring rain

  2. Great riding in Old Forge and surrounding area Monday through Wednesday. Went to Long Lake and then to Indian Lake Village. Lots of snow, lots of grooming happening. Hope the R doesn't mess things up too bad and that we get some more snow. Too soon for winter to end!!