Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dusting over night............

As you'll see in the video we had a dusting of snow over night and the sun came out this afternoon.  Traffic has been light and the groomers where out this morning, before things warmed up from the sun.  Parking is going to be tight this weekend with SnoFest at North Street. The video has a few other places you can try around town, if your normal place is full.  Drop me an email or give me a call if you have any questions.  I started a facebook page, for the motel at www.facebook.com/ChristysMotel  If you would, please like it for me.   Thanks!

Today's Video for...........


  1. Steve,
    Will you be posting videos on FB?

  2. Not sure yet. Just getting my feet wet with it right now.

  3. Please keep it the way it is.not a fan of fb

  4. Yes Steve i to am not a FB follower of anything. I know sometimes people write negative things on your blog but i your webpage stays the way it is, it is very informative.
    Thanks for all you did this year!!

    Brandt, PA

  5. Thanks again Steve-O. Jimmy Walnuts here - i'm not really into the book of face either. Great job this season with trail reports - it kept our t-cats on the snowpack. If we see you in town this weekend - we'll buy you a cold one. And to big John or Miss cutie cop, catch us if you can....yee haa haaa

  6. Not on FB either. It's nothing but trouble.
    Please keep this site and Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. It's 2013.. And even rotary phones are gone from OF

    FB is what YOU make it. Not the other way around.