Friday, March 9, 2012

Old Forge, NY Trail Report 3-9-12

As I reported last night the R changed over to snow around 9:30 pm and this morning we had an inch or two on the ground.  It was sunny this morning and this afternoon there has been snow in the air.  They are calling for an inch or two by tomorrow from the lake.  Will we get it?  I'll let you know in the morning.  I had to go out and reset the trail cam this morning.  By what I saw on trail 1 I'd give it a fair to some poor, but I wasn't that far out to give you a fair report on the whole trail.  The inner trails did look pretty good by what I saw. We are into spring time conditions, which means you are going to find anything from good to poor and the inside of some corners bare.  I can tell you this.  By the way the forecast looks and seeing what we lost, from the last few days of warm weather.  If you have any thoughts of getting in one last ride you better do it this weekend!

Here's Today's Video for.........


  1. This was from Friday:

    1. The video was actually from Thursday. 3-8-2012.

  2. Hi Svenoman,

    On the Youtube page the information for this video states:

    Snowmobile, Old Forge, NY in the slop. March 7, 2012. (Wednesday) and the person doing the video says that it is March 7th. Since then our temps have dropped below freezing and we have gotten a half a foot of new snow. New conditions aren't picture perfect and I am sure you can find some ugly out there. But conditions are a heck of allot better than this video shows them as.


  3. Steve, We look at your blog and webcams every day, several times a day! They are very helpful to us and we're sure many other's who ride Old Forge. We know you put alot of work and time into this and we wanted you to know we really appreciate it. Thanks again. Hopefully we will see you again next season. See Ya!!