Sunday, March 25, 2012

I was hoping for.........

one more shot of winter and snow to get that last ride of the season in, but it never happened. So it's time to pack the sleds away till next year.

Most years by now everyone in the area is looking to get away for a few days and enjoy some warmer weather. But this year it's been so nice it makes you wonder why you would even want to leave.

Here's today's video......


  1. Steve,
    Keep those videos coming all summer. Nice to see whats going on up there! Thanks for all your posts and videos. Have a great Summer!


  2. Thanks Steve too bad we could not get up for one more ride...appreciate your reports and videos !!! See you this summer.

    Bill from Ballston Spa

  3. Hi Steve, It's March 31st... See you have snow. We are on our way up to ride.. LOL.. Looks like the start of a good base. Sounded good didn't it? Miss ya .. See you sometime this summer. Melissa and Scott (chicken wing) Bailey.

  4. Steve, Thanks for all you do! Cudos.

    Alot of the bloggers seem to like the idea of summer "fun" videos. Suggestion, keep that helmet cam available for guests going out on the lakes for Summer Fun! Jet skiing, fishing, just cruising. "Pro golfers" (sic)

    Scott, see you in August.

  5. News Flash!!

    There is a hugh snow storm coming off Lake Ontario, the temperature is expected to drop below 20 degrees for the next seven days, with snow accumaltion above three feet in Old Forge and surrounding areas.

  6. Duane in Sayre, PAApril 3, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    Woah, I'll have whatever the poster prior to me is drinkin'! LOL :)

  7. That poster was drinking April Fools drinks
    Hope you did fall for his post

  8. Looks like a shot of snow today!!

  9. Duane in Sayre, PAApril 9, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    Will the groomers be out? Did the town plow all the roads bare?'s like winter blog all over again? :)

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  10. steve hey steve the snow cam and temps are depressing any snow news (good news) for near future I Need some of your snowy vidoes to get trough the week days this time of year any predictions or thearys for the winter in the north

    joe 59 NJ