Monday, February 28, 2011

I knew there was.......

something else I wanted to put in the last post. Sorry about the McCauley summit and trail cams being down. It seems just lately when ever we get R the sigianl is lost to the summit. I have some equipment here that I'm hoping is going to fix it. I just haven't gotten a break to go and install it yet.


  1. Just would like to take a minute and tell you what an awsome job you have done this season with your daily reports and video. Keeps us very well informed of the conditions and weather keep up the good work and Thank You
    Scott Poulton
    Terryville, CT &
    Inlet, NY

  2. I agree with Scott, great job this year Steve.

    Hey Scott, I live in Lakeside (next to Morris and by Bantam Lake and we live in CT full time and have a home in Inlet, NY too.

    Just thought I would drop you a note. When are you going up again to Inlet? Also, where are you located in Inlet? I am on Uncas Road.

    My email is Drop me an email when you get a moment.


    Joe Rebot
    Lakeside, CT & Inlet NY

  3. this sucks no snow